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The Virtual Artistic Museum (VAM) is an innovative technological and digital environment that aims to spread and support the knowledge and the improvement of the educational dimension of the visual and performing arts, with particular reference to the training of future kindergarten and primary schools teachers.

VAM develops from MOdE and creates virtual exhibition itineraries to valorise the multiple artistic expressions and the related educational experiences. It includes the active participation of primary school students, teachers, educators, and artists, who are directly involved in the design and implementation of quality educational experiences.

VAM is part of the international Erasmus plus K12 project INTERSTICE. Encounters between artists, children and educators. The project is coordinated by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) in partnership with University of Bologna, Bath Spa University (UK), University of Stavanger (Norway) and LaSala Art Center (Spain). The project aims to support innovative, artistic and education experiences through collaborative learning between students, artists, teachers and children.