Name of the institution
laSala. Creation Center of Arts for Families, Barcelona (Spain)
Ronda Roureda, 24 08207 Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain
Official e.mail address
Year of the project
Project coordinator(s)
Helena Cabo
Partnerships with other institutions
Fundació Carulla and Institut Ca n’Oriac
Duration of the project
Category of participants
High school (14 - 18 yrs)
teachers, professionals, educators
Number of participants
Fields of experience
Type(s) of experience
performance (theatre, dance, storytelling...)
cultural institution (museum, theatre...)
Aims of the project (3 max)
  • To learn how to transform experiences and thoughts into artistic language, revealing the communicative and emancipatory potential of arts. 

  • To experience a complete process of artistic co-creation with the accompaniment of art professionals. 

  • Actively participate in laSala cultural project giving value to the function of creation and production that this entity offers to the neighborhood and the city. 

  • To promote the creation of a cultural audience with a critical and constructive spirit.

Basic knowledge
Communication, collaboration, artistic and technical language.
Elaboration process
Participants have discovered the expressive and transformative power of artistic languages by professionals from the performing arts. And they have seen and experienced several artistic creative processes that have taken place in laSala Creation Center.
Each participant has made its own research during the co creation process and they have feel free to propose and to create. Each participant has had the freedom to choose its role in the show and during the process.
Each participant has had each own role during the co-creation process and in the performance, but they have had to cooperate as one in order to achieve their goal, to develop and to present their show (Meter and a half).
Use of different sensory channels
During the process, workshops of all kinds have been worked on, from reflection workshops and personal introspection in the research phase, such as sound, voice, body expression and scenography workshops. From laSala, they have been given the prior knowledge so that the students have the freedom to develop their own language to express their message.
Use of the body
The students have carried out body expression and dance workshops to be able to incorporate this knowledge in the development of their show but also in their everyday language.
Use of the language (oral expression)
The participants have developed their own text. The show's dialogues and communication materials have been prepared by the students themselves.
Use of written artistic resources (graphic expression)
The project participants were high school students. Technology is for them another language within their communication framework. For this reason, among the different languages ​​used for the show there are also projections, videos and other audiovisual materials.
Performative approach

Through the discovery of the different artistic languages ​​and training through workshops and the viewing of shows in residence at the Creation Center, laSala, students commit to their own creative process that begins with the investigation of the subject, goes through the construction of the story through their own language and culminates with the representation of their show produced and created by themselves. 

Narrative approach

The project was born in times of pandemic and the students were clear that this was the topic they wanted to deal with. They wanted to explain in their own language how covid had affected their lives. They worked on a part of research on the subject, in order to later be able to develop the narrative of their show and decide which languages ​​were the most appropriate to explain it. 

Playful approach
During the creation process, the game has been one of the basic tools to make students feel comfortable and free to express their feelings and thoughts
The participants in the project have been invited to see all the shows in residence at laSala and have been able to talk with the artists and creators about their creative processes. They have also been supported by the teaching team of their high school and by the artistic and technical team of laSala, which has made available all the necessary resources to carry out the production.
Soft skills
creative thinking
Brief description of the project
Project awarded with the Carulla Foundation's Baldiri Reixac Award that promotes co-created projects between cultural agents and educational centers. The ‘Meter and a half away’ Project arises from the union of synergies between laSala and the Ca n’Oriac High School. A proposal for interdisciplinary work, with an artistic and community vocation, which will form part of the 4th grade ESO curriculum and which will explore the folds of a new reality, the one the pandemic has left us. The project culminates with the performance of a show created and produced entirely by the students.
Description of the activity

Research phase on the subject (pandemic). Interviews with colleagues and relatives. Implementation of a social media campaign to raise awareness of the effects of the pandemic among young people and creation of a personal symbol. 

Duration of the activity

3 months 

How to involve children/teachers/educators/artists

They have all worked cooperatively to achieve the expected results. 

Description of the activity

Workshops with artists, creators and cultural professionals. Residency at laSala to work on their own creative process. 

Duration of the activity

3 months 

How to involve children/teachers/educators/artists

Open spaces of artistic encounter and peer cooperation, valuing the ideas and feelings of the participants. 

Description of the activity

Premiere of the show

Duration of the activity


How to involve children/teachers/educators/artists

Inviting artists, educators from other centers, families and other students to come and see the show and learn about the project.

Results of the project (3 max)
-Degree of commitment to work: the students participating in the project, despite being from a high absenteeism, has attended work sessions and rehearsals outside school hours. This fact has benefited their link with the center and has made them improve in general assistance.
-The high school is a center of maximum complexity and the group is from various origins and mostly not Catalan speakers the work has been written and performed entirely in Catalan. They had to solve phonetic and grammatical difficulties and have defended it from the beginning
-Change in the way of doing and being of the participating students: state of empowerment and attitude
-We have awakened vocations for studies and professions related to the performing arts
Continuity of the project over the years

Performing arts

Materials used

Video teaser of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4thnIf6ODE 

Video campaign social media: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Zd_9ranb7Us