Name of the institution
University of Stavanger (Norway)
Official e.mail address
Kirsten.halle@uis.no Siri.dybwik@uis.no
Year of the project
Project coordinator(s)
Dybwikdans is the owner and coordinator of the art project, Kirsten Halle and Siri Dybwik are the coordinators in the BLUEbird project in relation to Interstice
Partnerships with other institutions
Elefantteateret and dybwikdans, RAS
Duration of the project
Category of participants
toddler (0-3 yrs)
Number of participants
Fields of experience
other (fill out)
Theatre for early years
Type(s) of experience
performance (theatre, dance, storytelling...)
Aims of the project (3 max)

To create an artistic experience for the very young audience of high artistic quality, to give students and teachers experience with this kind of artistic context and hopefully open up their understanding for artistic practice in school.

Basic knowledge
For the teachers, to experience the performance bodily and to build an understanding for how they can support the children in this setting.
Elaboration process
Through a continuation of work in their own kindergarden.
The teachers involved have worked individually with how to use this art experience in their own work with children
They have worked in groups.
Use of different sensory channels
Light, sound, scenography, costumes, movement, composed music, live music.
Use of the body
The body is very expressive in this project, both in choreographed material and improvisation.
Use of the language (oral expression)
Bluebird is based on a new written libretto. In this work we have been researching how we can use text on stage with pre-language audiences.
Use of written artistic resources (graphic expression)
A libretto
Performative approach

A multi layered performance for the very young.

Playful approach
Through all elements and also through interaction with audiences.

Teachers have been observing.
Brief description of the project
Bluebird is an interactive dance performance for children 0-18 months. The performance is created by dybwikdans and has been touring nationally and internationally. For more information about the project, please visit www.dybwikdans.no.