Name of the institution
University of Stavanger (Norway)
Official e.mail address
Kirsten.halle@uis.no siri.dybwik@uis.no
Year of the project
Project coordinator(s)
Dybwikdans and Elefantteateret
Partnerships with other institutions
Dansehallerne København, DK
Duration of the project
Category of participants
pre-school (3 - 5/6 yrs)
Number of participants
Fields of experience
other (fill out)
Theatre for early years
Type(s) of experience
performance (theatre, dance, storytelling...)
cultural institution (museum, theatre...)
Aims of the project (3 max)
  • Sharing a multi layered artistic experience for the very young with teachers.
  • Develop knowledge in the context of an artistic practice.
  • Experience art as a context where children express themselves and explore though the art.
Basic knowledge
For the students to experience the performance bodily and to build an understanding of how they can support the children.
Elaboration process
The students have experienced and explored the artistic performance. They have also participated in discussions and written texts.
The students have written a reflection text individually. Also the artistic experience is an individual one.
The students were in the artistic context as a group exploring the artistic qualities together.
We also arranged a discussion as an extension of the performance.
Use of different sensory channels
It is a bodily experience focusing on the senses through music and dance. The materiality, understood as scenography is a very important element.
Use of the body
The dancers use the body in choreographed material and also in improvisation. They invite children and adults to join and express through movement.
Use of the language (oral expression)
The performance is based on a libretto, the libretto is a part of our artistic investigation. This specific libretto is a text with philosophical questions. The questions should open up for a democratic conversation with all involved.
Use of written artistic resources (graphic expression)
Written material has been used to prepare nurseries for the artistic practice.
Performative approach

A multi layered performance for early years.


Playful approach
Through all elements and also thorugh interaction with audiences.
Teachers has been observing
Soft skills
creative thinking
Artifacts produced