In the painting, we can see a young woman from behind looking at the hills and a small village with a lot of rural houses and fields on the horizon. The girl is sitting on the wall of a mule track. This scenario may provoke completely different and personal emotions, according to the observer. The strongest feeling that we have felt is melancholy, the narrative thread of this artistic itinerary.

It's necessary to recognize and accept emotions, even those we'd rather reject because they make us suffer. Knowing our feelings deeply is important as well as being inspired by them as a source of artistic creativiy.

Melancholy is a painful but calm state of mind. It is often associated with sadness, but we think that it's different because it is attenuated by a certain sweetness. It can lead us to a deeper knowledge of our inner emotional world. It let us keep our memories not as shadows but as precious treasures.


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Marcello Bighi
Lara Gramazio
Daniela Musu

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