What does home mean to you? An object? A person? A place?

Eduardo Kingman's painting Lugar Natal represents the author's feeling of homesickness for his town, Loja, that he left for work reasons but continues to keep in his heart.

Each of us has a different perception of home, according to our experiences and cultures. In this project, we'd like to show ours.

The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about home is those who live in it. Who represent a safe place more than the people who share our daily life with us?

However, home is not only people, but also places, monuments, cities, even the clear sky, the color of the trees and all those elements that make us feel safe and we will always miss.

Everyone has their own idea of home. We all should respect it to make diversity a richness.


Web references

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Author (s)
Chiara Battistini
Eleonora Consiglio
Giulia Delgenio
Martina Marracci
Martina Ricci