Palazzo Poggi & Opificio Golinelli: two different contexts, only one aim

Palazzo Poggi & Opificio Golinelli: two different contexts, only one aim

Two different artistic contexts where the only important thing is science. Opificio Golinelli is the modern one. It was built in 2015 by Marino Golinelli and it represents the new science world. On the other side, there is Palazzo Poggi.

"Museum as a space of sharing and collectivity"
"Museum as a space for people where they can interract with art in different ways regardless of the kind of person"

Two innovative buildings created in distinct and different historical periods and also with different work tools, methods of learning and teaching completely dissimilar from the current ones, nevertheless there is a thread that connects the present to the past: the love for science, the desire to broaden our horizons, the innovation, and above all, the famous paradigm ‘learning by doing’.

Palazzo Poggi, with its institute of sciences, its several rooms, gave the possibility for university students to have an immediate comparison with the world of work thanks to the innovative and, for that time, sophisticated tools that were made available to them.

Opificio Golinelli traces the same steps: it gives the chance to everyone, teenagers, adults, students and teachers to broaden their knowledge, improve their skills thanks to experiments labs and several activities that allow them to grow to both culturally and socially. The goal of both buildings is to create qualified people that are able, immediately, to face all that working world has in store for them, people aware of their educational path and their skills, who, one day, will be the citizens of tomorrow.  

 ‘Believe in science means believe in future’ (Umberto Veronesi)

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