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Video tutorial on building some sustainable musical instruments
Connected music and emotions: a music track for each Inside Out character
Animated GIF of the painting

This room invites you to observe Georgios Iakovidis' painting Chidren's Concert (1900) with a careful eye on musical instruments. In particular, a video tutorial shows how to build musical instruments using recycled materials. Thus we want to focus attention also on the potential of simple and everyday objects through a playful approach, stimulating creativity with a view to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, a reflection on musical expressive forms is offered with reference to their impact on the emotional dimension. 


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Georgios Iakovidis, Children's Concert, Google Arts, Retrieved March 28, 2022 from https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/CwG4jTABZD471w (Observe the reproduction of the painting in high resolution)

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Author (s)
Anna Grazia, Carolina Giuliani, Cecilia Mansoldo, Irene De Col, Lisa Temporin